How do I become a Skill Specific Training Assessor (SSTA)?

To be a Skill Specific Trainer and Assessor (SSTA), an EA Coach needs to have a thorough and current knowledge of the EA Coaching standards and operations.

SSTAs are endorsed and qualified by Equestrian Australia to assess Introductory Riding and Horse Management Certificates only.

Skill Specific Trainers and Assessors must:

  • Uphold the aims of the EA Coaching Pathway
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the standards and requirements of the scheme
  • Adhere to the EA Coaching Policies and Procedures
  • Follow the guidelines stipulated in the EA Certificate/Accreditation workbooks
  • Adhere to the EA Assessment principles, procedures and guidelines
  • Update the SSTA qualification every two years by attending a National EA SSTA Update Clinic. 

To become an EA SSTA the Coach must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been registered and actively Coaching for the current and no less than 5 years within the previous 7 years (Level 1 for at least 3 years)
  • Register and attend an EA endorsed SSTA Training course; and 
  • Successfully complete the SSTA course, be assessed as competent, and any/all subsequent requirements
  • At this course participants must be found competent to:
  • Assess candidates in the Introductory Riding and Horse Management course according to the EA competency standards
  • Demonstrate competency in assessing according to the EA Coach assessment policies, procedures and guidelines