I am involved in activities besides coaching. Can I access additional cover through EA Coach insurance?

Whilst the EA Coach insurance policies themselves cannot be extended to cover these non-coaching activities, Marsh can arrange additional “top-up” policies to cover EA Coaches for their additional business activities.

There are numerous benefits to EA Coaches arranging cover for their additional business activities with Marsh:

  • The policy is tailored to fit around the existing EA Coach insurance. This ensures that there are no gaps in cover between the EA Coach insurance and the cover for the additional business activities. It also ensures that there are no double ups in cover where a premium is charged for unnecessary cover.
  • Consistency in claims service and advice to EA Coaches.
  • Expert knowledge of the industry and understanding of the areas which fall within and outside the underlying EA Coach insurance.

These additional policies are rated based on the specific business activities and exposures of the individual coach and business.

If you would like Marsh to contact you regarding cover for your additional business activities, they can be contacted at [email protected] or 1300 130 373.