I am a Show Horse Judge how does this affect me?

The impact of COVID -19 on EA National Official re-accreditation has recently been reviewed.

In consultation with the National Show Horse Committee it has been agreed to extend the re-accreditation period until 2022 to allow for those Officials to meet the necessary requirements to re- accredit.

The re-accreditation period was due to end on 31/3/2021 however, due to COVID-19 this has been extended to 31/03/2022 so you have an additional 12 months in which to meet your compulsory requirements.

What is the actual period that counts for completing my compulsory requirements?

The compulsory requirements will be assessed from 1/4/18 to 31/3/2022

What are my Compulsory requirements?

These can be found in the EA Show Horse Rules HERE