International Group of Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ)

The IGEQ Passport offers easy to carry confirmation of instructor qualifications (useful both at home and overseas) and is available only to those from IGEQ member national federations holding eligible qualifications from their own national equestrian federation. Please see mapping of competencies for the EA Coaching Disciplines of General and Level 2 & 3 Jumping and Eventing HERE, Vaulting HERE, Driving HERE and Dressage and Level 3 Eventing & Jumping HERE.

More information about the IGEQ is available HERE

The IGEQ Passport enables instructors to have their qualifications recognised and accepted in IGEQ member countries thus easing the difficulties of teaching in other parts of the world (subject to national legal requirements).  All passport holders are strongly recommended to contact the federation of their chosen new country to ensure they will be eligible for a licence to teach BEFORE they make firm arrangements or move. They should also apply for a passport from their home Federation BEFORE they move to another country.

It is important to note, the IGEQ framework clearly states, instructors recognised by another IGEQ member Federation to work at the level of their passport are NOT eligible to receive a certificate at the same level from the new Federation.  Harmonisation does not give the right to demand a further certificate at the same level without completing that equestrian federation's coursework.

This system displays what foreign qualification is equivalent against the EA Coaching System, but is only applicable if the applicant holds a current IGEQ Passport

If you have an IGEQ Passport from a country other than Australia and would like to register as a coach with EA:

Step 1:

If you have an IGEQ Passport please email a copy directly to [email protected] 

Step 2:

Once we have received the passport, we will advise you of the corresponding EA accreditation level as outlined in the IGEQ matrix. 

Step 3:

To register as a coach with EA using your IGEQ Passport, ensure you have the following:

  • Current EA membership
  • First Aid Certificate with CPR
  • Working With Children Check
  • Sport Integrity Australia Anti Doping Fundamental and Annual Update Certificate
  • Sport Australia Community Coach General Principles Certificate

Step 4:

Once you have been advised of the corresponding EA accreditation, with a current EA Coach Educator (CE) you will:

  • Be assessed against the corresponding EA Coaching Accreditation competencies as identified by the IGEQ matrix.
  • Demonstrate your ability to adapt the training session, facilities, and lesson plan to meet EA Coach Accreditation Standards for that level. 
  • Complete a coach update or familiarisation form (found HERE) with a Coach Educator to demonstrate that you are familiar with EA structure and policy. 
  • Complete an IGEQ Coach Registration Form (found HERE) this will enable you to register within the EA System for 12 months using your IGEQ passport and enable you to work towards the corresponding EA coaching level or higher.  

Step 5:

Upon completion of these requirements, submit your documentation to [email protected] for processing along with other supporting documentation, and commence practising as a Coach within the EA system using your IGEQ passport.

If you hold coach accreditation from another country but do not have an IGEQ Passport

Please refer to information on Other Recognised Accreditations HERE

If you are a current registered EA Coach and would like to apply for an IGEQ Passport through EA to coach overseas:

Please complete the IGEQ Passport Application Form found HERE and submit it to [email protected]