Other Recognised Accreditations

Step 1:

Purchase the EA Introductory Horse Management and Riding Resources by downloading the EA Coach Resource Order form from the Coach Resources page. If you need help to fill in the form, click HERE.

Step 2:

Obtain a list of competencies (like your course transcript) met in the course you have previously completed and match this to our course competencies.

Step 3:

Present to an EA Coach Educator the mapping of competencies. To find a Coach Educator use EA Coach Search

Step 4:

Your Coach Educator can verify the components you have completed previously and signoff on the units you have proven to have met. At this stage if your Coach Educator is happy to endorse you to receive more modules they can submit this in writing to us.

Step 5:

Work with your Coach Educator on any gap requirements.

Step 6:

Once the final assessment slip has been completed you will need to submit this slip to the National Office. You will then receive a certificate of completion from EA, which will then permit you to purchase the Coaching workbooks and begin your journey towards becoming a fully accredited Equestrian Australia Coach.