Jade Findlay

What age did you start riding and how did you get into riding? 
I rode a few Polo horses in school holidays but only really learnt to ride at 19 when I travelled to England and worked for Chris Bartle by accident!

First pony/horse name/details
Lutello, 1.10m Jumping horse/failed Dressage horse achieved 4* in 2 years

What made you want to pursue Eventing? My Gap Year to England where I wa splaced at Chris Bartle's yaer - I didn't even know what Eventing was!

Assistance along the way from EA Coach/es? Chris Bartle / Stuart Tinney

Do you have a role model or anyone you particularly admire? Both my coaches as well as Prue Barrett are my inspiriations - they are all riders but have gone on to give back through coaching or similar

Name some of your greatest competitive achievements.

  • Winner Melbourne 3* (now 4*) Oaks Cordelia
  • 2 x Adelaide

Short term and long term future goals? I have two very exciting horses who should shine this year at 4* - both winners at 3*, excited to have an injury free year for horses and humans. Goal is to travel to Europe and compete in Nations Cups/Aachen. 

Additional info: I also run a large TB spelling pre-training/breaking farm with my husband, working with up to 170 horses and the best Sydney trainers.