Matilda Carnegie

Matilda Carnegie, or Tilda as she is known to friends, originally hails from Victoria although is now based in the United Kingdom.

Tilda started riding when she was 10 years old after her Aunty recommended she try riding lessons. Whilst Tilda did not attend Pony Club she spent three years at riding schools and competed in Show Horse classes before making the move to focus on Dressage. 

Originally Tilda has competed in both able-bodied Dressage and Para-dressage and is a Grade IV athlete. Tilda has Dystonia, which when she was younger meant she faced 20-30-minute-long seizures and forced her back into an arch. A lot of therapy has helped with this, but some of the effects remain, especially within the neuropathways affecting her back, core, and coordination.

Tilda also has Macrodactyly, a very rare form of overgrown club foot. At it’s worse the right foot was 5x bigger than the left. Five surgeries have been performed to rectify this, but at the cost of leaving Matilda with only half of her foot.

Some of Tilda’s greatest personal achievements include competing Prix St George and being names on the short list for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and more recently scoring 70% consistently at international level.

Tilda is focussed on being selected for the 2022 FEI World Championships and the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.


2021 - Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Short List