Sophia Hill

What age did you start riding and how did you get into riding? I was horse crazy from a young age and begged my parents for a pony for many years. Apparently I even wrote it on my Mum’s shopping list alongside the groceries. We spent some time in Italy and I had a lot of riding lessons there (in Italian!) when I was 7 years old! I got my first pony when I was 9 years old

Who was your first pony or horse: Little Sally, a 19yo Welsh Pony that liked to go fast!

If you attended Pony Club, which one? Tarwin Lower PC

What made you want to pursue Eventing? When I was young I loved riding out on my grandparents farm, going fast and jumping anything I could find, so the transition to Eventing was an obvious one. One day my coach – obviously trying to slow me down – said “It’s ok to hoon, but you have to learn to hoon in style!” This really stuck with me as I began my Eventing career and I began to love the technical and training side of the sport too, as well as the going fast part! I wasn’t very successful to begin with due to a series of unsuitable ponies/horses but I learnt to be a horse trainer from a young age.

Assistance along the way from EA Coaces?  Ken Jelbart and Sally Francis both played a huge role in my development as a young rider. 

Do you have a role model or anyone you particularly admire? Ingrid Klimke and Ros Canter!

Name some of your greatest competitive achievements. 

  • 3rd place at Adelaide 5 star (my first 5 star and Humble Glory’s first 5 star)
  • 1st place 2018 Young Rider Eventing Championships at Australian 3DE at Adelaide.

Short term and long term future goals? 

  • Take Humble Glory overseas to compete at Badminton or Burghley HT
  • Longterm goals – represent Australia
  • Ride at World Cup Level Show Jumping

Most recent notable results (date/event/placing):

  • Winner of all 4 star short events in 2023 at EV Summer HT, Tonimbuk HT and Wandin HT.
  • 3rd place at Adealide 5 star.
  • Winner of 5 consecutive 2** events with Tulara Baltango. Avenal HT, EV Summer HT, Tonimbuk HT, Wandin HT, Ballarat HT
  • 2nd place in 3** at Ballarat HT and at Melbourne 3DE with Seattle Park.

Photo credit: Michelle Terlato.