Sport Rule Review & Updates

The matrix below details the timelines for the process of EA Sport Rule updates due for implementation in January each year.

First Monday in July  EA Sports Services Officers to State Discipline Committees (SDC), State CEOs REMINDER: Rule change requests and issues raised
First Monday in August State Discipline Committees (SDC), State CEOs SUBMIT: Agenda items to EA NDC for consideration (one template per item, template as attached below)
During August EA National Discipline Committee (NDC) MEET: NDC to review all agenda items and rules
Within 7 days of NDC meeting EA Sports Services Officers REVIEW: Minutes/rule proposals sent out to NDC for review before changes are sent to the board
EA Board EA Board RATIFY: Rule changes submitted to the Board for ratification
After EA Board approval EA Sports Services Officers SEND: Approved rule change summary to be sent to NDC/SDCs/State CEOs for their information
1st October EA Sports Services Officers PUBLISH: Rule changes published on the EA website for 3 months’ notice before implementation.
1st January EA Sports Services Officers EFFECTIVE: Rules come into effect 



FEI Periodical Rules Revision Policy came into force on 1 January 2020. Rulebooks are now reviewed every 4 years (apart from the following modifications)

  1. Urgent repairs, i.e., changes in the Rules that cannot await because of their impact on the welfare of the Horses or the safety of the Athletes;
  2. Correction of inconsistencies, manifest errors, contradictions, etc.
  3.  New/recently introduced rule(s) that has(ve) proven to be problematic in its implementation;
  4. Implementation of new technology development(s) relevant to the specific set of Rules;
  5. IOC, IPC, WADA, ASOIF and similar organisations’ policies’ implementation; and
  6. Other scenarios not foreseen by this Policy as considered and approved by the Board.

The FEI will request changes be presented in May the year prior to be presented at the FEI Sports Forum: