What does EA Coach insurance cover?

Comprehensive information regarding the insurance provided by Marsh to EA members can be found on the Marsh website: https://au.marsh.com/sport/equestrian-australia.html 

As outlined on the Marsh website, EA Coaches are covered for their “Non-Income Earning Equestrian Activities” through their EA Membership. This includes Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

In addition to this, EA Coaches who have elected to take Coach Insurance through EA are afforded Personal Accident Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance at all times whilst Coaching within the level of their EA Coaching Accreditation.

Details on the policy limits and excesses are available on the links above or via https://au.marsh.com/sport/equestrian-australia.html

A summary of EA Coaches insurance cover is available at https://au.marsh.com/sport/equestrian-australia.html

Copies of the full policy documents are available from Marsh by contacting them via [email protected] or 1300 130 373.

It is important to note that the EA Coach insurance provides cover to insured coaches as individuals. The “insured” under the policy are the coaches themselves and not any separate companies run by the coaches. For clarity:

  • An individual coach coaching in their own name is covered as an EA Coach.
  • A coach who has a business as a Sole Trader is covered as this business structure means that their personal liabilities are indivisible from their business liabilities.
  • Where a coach has a Pty Limited Company, the individual coach remains covered as an individual however the EA Coach insurance does not extend to provide cover to the business entity itself.

If additional cover is required, please contact Marsh. Coverage and Premiums are tailored to the nature and size of the company and its business activities. EA Insured Coaches may be eligible for discounts of up to 25%. For more information on additional cover, please click HERE