Why choose a current registered EA accredited coach?

As a rider, working with a current registered Equestrian Australia (EA) accredited coach, you are provided with the assurance that your coach:

  • is up-to-date with coaching trends
  • has completed education relating to equestrian within the previous 12months
  • is insured
  • is qualified in first aid
  • is current in their knowledge of Sport Integrity (ASADA) rules and guidelines and
  • has completed a state based working with children check. 

How do you know this?

In June of each year, when annual Coach Registration is due, EA Coaches send to the National Office:

  • EA Coach Updating Summary – including records of attendance at a Compulsory Update Clinic
  • A copy of their current First Aid Certificate
  • A copy of their current Working with Children Check (depending on local state requirements)
  • A copy of their Sport Integrity Anti-Doping Fundamentals (formerly ASADA Level 1) Certificate (this does not expire)
  • A copy of their Sport Integrity Annual Update (formerly ASADA Level 2) Certificate
  • A copy of a current Certificate of Insurance or pay for included EA Insurance

Coaches are required to progressively fulfil approved updating requirements to keep their coaching knowledge and skills up to date. A condition of maintaining accreditation is compulsory attendance at a Coach Update Clinic once every two years (from 2020). 

At a minimum the Compulsory Coach Update Clinic covers the following topics:

  • Review insurance coverage
  • Review risk management procedures
  • Any new developments or Policy & Procedures
  • Any developments/changes at Sport Australia
  • Any new legislation that may be relevant (such as Working with Children Check)

To find a current registered EA coach, please refer to the Coach Serach page