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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 28/05/2019.

“IF IN DOUBT – SIT THEM OUT” EA Concussion Protocols - Implementation for All Disciplines 1 July 2019

There is a growing concern in Australia and internationally about incidence of sport-related concussion & potential health ramifications for athletes at all levels of sport. 

Equestrian Australia fully endorses the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement, which can be located HERE.

Consistent with its support for the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement, Equestrian Australia will introduce a similar protocol for all equestrian disciplines effective July 1st 2019.

To assist with the introduction of these protocols, Equestrian Australia is undertaking education and communication programs for all stakeholders including athletes, officials, coaches, parents and guardians.

As a part of this, we wish to provide all athletes/parents, coaches and officials access to the PDF version of a presentation which may be seen presented at future events, highlighting:

  • the key points of the protocols,
  • the OC &  Officials’ role in implementing the protocol,
  • how to recognise concussion and
  • the importance of possible concussion received in training being just as serious as concussion received in competition.

Click to view the PDF presentations:

EA Concussion Protocols – Athlete Briefing

EA Concussion Protocols – Officials Seminar

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