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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 10/12/2015.
Our Rio hopefuls have teamed up here in Werribee for the first Selection event for Para-equestrian.

2015 Saddleworld Dressage Festival | Kick off Day 1

Competition has began at one of Australia’s most popular dressage event today, with the start of the 2015 Saddleworld Dressage Festival. 

Horses and riders arrived from all around Australia at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre for the CDI-W Pacific League Final, the Aachen Challenge, the Victorian State Dressage Championships, the Victorian State Young Horses Titles and the HRCAV. 

Today, Thursday, first day of competition was the scene for the Prix Saint Georges, the Para Team Test, the Intermediate 2, the Preliminary classes and the first Young Horse & Pony classes.

It was a successful day for the Victorian rider Marvin Smink with his KWPN gelding, VIP, who won the FEI Prix Saint Georges with 66.140% amongst 28 horses. Second and third were also home riders, Victoria Stuckey, taking second place with here 10yo Hanoverian in 66.053% and Abbie OBrien taking third place with her gelding by Regardz-Moi with 65.746%.

The Para-equestrian Team Test took place on arena 3 at 9am. This weekend is an important milestone for our Paralympic athlete, it is the first Rio Selection event fo them. Morgan Webb Liddle with her bay gelding Don Armani took the first place of the Grade IA. Jo Formosa scored 70.400%, placing her well on the first step of the Grade IB podium. Emma Booth & her 9yo gelding by Sandro Hit seduced the judges in the Grade II and Nicole Blanks and her very recent burrowed mount Rangemore Mikardo, owned by Jenny Johnston did a very good first performance in the Grade IV test and took first place.

The combination Dirk Dijkstra and his stallion AEA Metallic pleased the public present and scored 67.851% which saw them finish in first place of the FEI Intermediate II, where Susan Elekessy, from Callum Park, NSW finished second with 66.798% on her charming Don Rubin. On third step, the 9 yo KWPN Brioni, ridden by Gitte Donvig finished with 66.360%.

At the end of the day, we were lucky enough to catch-up with Brett Parbery and Mary Hanna before tomorrow's CDI-W LF Grand Prix, starting at 3.15pm in the indoor arena. 

Brett will be riding his well-know and talented gelding DP Weltmieser "I feel pretty good. My horse is working really well. I gave him 2 weeks  off after The Nationals and probably only in the last 2 or 3 days I have felt I have got back to the point. It had been a long preparation to that. You never know before a Grand Prix, before any show actually, but I am happy, he knows his job, it's a matter of keeping him fresh and healthy . 

Mary Hanna will be riding her experienced and energetic 14 year old gelding Umbro "I am looking forward to the Grand Prix. Umbro has been quite consistent and going really well at home. It's an important event, I feel quite confident and I am just looking forward to getting out and doing it."


FEI Prix Saint Georges :

  1. Marvin Smink & VIP (VIC) with 66.140%
  2. Victoria Stuckey & MAYFIELD BE BRAVE (VIC) with 66.053%
  3. Abbie OBrien & RAJAHS RAVE (VIC) with 65.746%

FEI Intermediate II : 

  1. Dirk Dijkstra & AEA METALLIC (VIC) with 67.851%
  2. Susan Elekessy & DON RUBIN (NSW) with 66.798%
  3. Gitte Donvig & BRIONI (VIC) with 66.360%

Para-equestrian Grade IA Team Test :

  1. Morgan Webb Liddle & DON ARMANI (VIC) with 63.985%
  2. Jan Pike & COCON (NSW) with 63.913%

Para-equestrian Grade IB Team Test :

  1. Joann Formosa & GB WINCHESTER (VIC) with 70.400%
  2. Charlotte Hoonhout & AMARANTE (NZL) with 65.733%
  3. Maddison Cooke & MONARCO II (VIC) with 49.733%

Para-equestrian Grade II Team Test :

  1. Emma Booth & HOLLANDS BEND SANTANA (VIC) with 66.029%
  2. Elizabeth Skinner & FREEDOM SPYDA (VIC) with 61.912%
  3. Rosemary Cole & SPIRIT OF SCOOTERBAR (VIC) with 60.539%

Para-equestrian Grade III Team Test :

  1. Sharon JARVIS & CEASY (WA) with 69.211%
  2. Katie UMBACK & GRONSKOULUNDS MARQUIS (NSW) with 66.667%
  3. Chelsea Higgins & REVELWOOD CONTIKI B (QLD) with 66.447%
  4. Phoebe Roche & POWER OF ATTORNEY (QLD) with 57.982%

 Para-equestrian Grade IV Team Test :

  1. Nicole Blanks & RANGEMORE MIKARDO (VIC) with 64.325%
  2. Caitlin Radford & CALLUM PARK STARBUCKS (TAS) with 64.206%
  3. Ali Foye & WESTMINISTER GP (NSW) with 63.691%



  • The Intermediate 1 will start at 9.30am, Arena 3
  • The Aachen Challenge starts at 10am, Arena 1. The first prize is a trip to Aachen CHIO 2015.
  • The Para-equestrian Individual Test will start at 2.30pm, Arena 1
  • The CDI-W LF Grand Prix starts at 3.15pm in the Indoor Arena
  • The Young Horse & Pony classes will start at 8.30am in the Indoor Arena
  • The Medium classes will start at 9am and will be all day in arenas 4 and 5