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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 21/12/2015.

2016 National Vaulting Committee Appointments

Following the recent National Vaulting Committee elections Tony Richardson and Gail Beattie have been returned to the committee and Lyn Lynch has been elected to the Committee.

Committee members have been elected for a two year term commencing 1/1/16 and ending on 31/12/17.

Tony, Gail and Lyn will join Kay Fowler, Anna Blackburn and Jamie Hocking (Riders Representative) on this skills-based committee.

The NVC consists of five elected members plus the Riders' Representative, selected for their experience and skills relevant to the work of the Committee. As part of the governance arrangement for its skills-based structure, a number of positions on the NVC must be vacated each year and opened for re-election. The experience and dedication of all Committee members is essential to the further development of equestrian sport.

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