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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 02/03/2018.

2018 Re-Accreditation Show Horse and Dressage Judges

First published on 9 November 2017

A final reminder that EA National Judges in Show Horse and Dressage are currently due to submit re-accreditation paperwork.  This occurs every three years and for these officials, paperwork must be submitted by 31st March 2018, after which time names of non-complying officials will drop off the Officials search until this work is complete.

Important dates:

  • Mid-February 2018: Reaccreditation options information and Forms were made available
  • 1 March: Acceptance of forms will open, and the Dressage ORBT made available via email communication and links on the Officials pages of the website.
  • 31 March: Closing date

Dressage Judge ORBT Links:

Contact Lesley Sullivan for links to the appropriate ORBTs: [email protected]

As part of the re-accreditation process, all officials must attend an Update (Refresher) seminar.

These seminars include discussions on rule changes, current discipline-specific items that impact on equipment, safety, risk management etc., as well as meeting Judging appointment requirements. 

Dressage Judges:

Refer to Rule 11.26

Dressage Rules 

Show Horse Judges:

Refer to Rule 8.1.2

Show Horse Rules 

Dressage Judge checklist:

  • attended an approved seminar at your level since 1/4/15
  • attended an approved YH or PE seminar since 1/4/15 if you are also accredited as a YH or PE judge
  • attended at least 2 approved workshops since 1/4/15
  • judged at 6 official events at your highest level e.g. D level need to have judged at Medium level since 1/4/15
  • judged at 3 other events at any level since1/4/15
  • accrued 18 Activity points since 1/4/15
  • If you have been appointed as a G level judge or have upgraded to a higher level then the above will be assessed on a pro-rata basis.

Note: The definition of an event – a dressage event is comprised of one or more competitions between individual mounted competitors, performing specified dressage tests.

Thank you to Lesley Sullivan for her assistance with this information, as Secretary of EADJC, Lesley will be managing your processing so please direct Dressage questions to [email protected] or 0412 896 360.

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