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Posted by Kirsty Pasto on 12/06/2022.
Shenae Lowing and Bold Venture
Photo credit: Kirsty Pasto

Aussies Retain Lead After Cross Country at the 2022 Oceania Championships

Cross-country day at the 2022 Oceania Championships always promised to be exciting, and it did not disappoint at the Zeep Melbourne International 3 Day Event. 

The Australian Young Rider Team were the first to take on the CCI3*-L course, created by Campbell Draper (NZL), putting in a tremendous performance to maintain their lead with a score of 98.0, ahead of New Zealand on 123.0.

Australian Team members Oliver Barrett, Edward Darby, and Riley Lyall all completed the challenging course with no jumping penalties, while Georgia Tivendale received 20 penalties at the second element of the Peppermint Grove Water Complex but finished the course with no additional difficulties. 

Despite a lengthy hold on course that interrupted their round, Olivier Barrett and Sandhills Special retained their overall lead in the Furphy Media CCI3*-L competition with a flawless cross-country performance. When asked how the course rode, Oliver said he had a solid plan which paid off.

“She [Sandhills Special] was great at all the combinations that I was maybe a little bit nervous about, and I stuck to my plan and executed it. We were lucky enough to come home clear and under. I think there were a few tough questions out there that needed to be navigated, and enough problems throughout the field; it has definitely turned out not to be a dressage competition.”

Oliver is confident that tomorrow he and Sandhills Special will put their best foot forward when they enter the showjumping arena for the final phase.

“She is a good jumper, hopefully I can give her the ride she needs and we can leave all the poles up,” he said. 

After an influential cross-country day, the Australian Green Team, on 102.5 points, has edged ahead of the Australian Gold Team, on 103.5. The New Zealand Senior Team is in third position with 112.8 points. 

Shenae Lowings and her Thoroughbred Bold Venture stormed around the Ewan Kellett (AUS) designed course, jumping clear and inside the time to hold onto the top spot in the Pryde's Easifeed CCI4*-L. 

Just like his name, Bold Venture proved unstoppable on the cross-country, and Shenae beamed as she described the faultless round.

“It was one of those rounds, where everything almost went to plan. It was a great track and we attacked it positively and everything came up really well. We did get held on course in the Mansion, but it was a really great run.

“I was very aware of what went on throughout the day and I was lucky enough to be on a bit later. I had a look around and some feedback from the other team riders, which was really helpful. I just stuck to my plan and it all seemed to come up very nicely.”

With tomorrow’s test deciding the overall winner, Shenae is confident in Bold Venture’s talent and their special partnership to get them through. 

“I think it will be really good, he is a very good showjumper, it is probably his best phase. I am fairly confident that we will go in there together and jump a good round.”

Full results can be found HERE

Australian Senior Team 

Australian Green Team - Score 102.5
Shane Rose and Easy Turn - 29.1
Jess Rae and Fifth Avenue - 38.8
Sam Jeffree and Woodmount Lolita - 71.2
Lauren Browne and Sky's Da Limit -  34.6

Australian Gold Team - Score 103.5
Annabel Cargill and Quaprice - 47.7
Sam Lyle and BF Valour - 35.0
Shenae Lowings and Bold Venture - 24.9 
Emma Mason and Warrego Marco Polo - 43.6

Australian Young Rider Team 

Australian Green Team - Score 98.0
Oliver Barrett and Sandhills Special -27.7
Edward Darby and Dawn of the Day - 32.0
Riley Lyall and GI War Machine - 38.3
Georgia Tivendale and Star Allure - 71.5 

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