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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 16/02/2016.

Australian Endurance Team meeting

Recently the Australian endurance Team met in Melbourne to start on the path of preparing the teams for the 2016 World Endurance Championships, the 2017 World Youth Endurance Championships and the 2018 World Equestrian Games.  45 people were in attendance at the meeting, held over two days. 

A number of presenters from the EA’s Endurance Committee, Endurance Selection Panel and Team management discussed a wide range of topics.  These topics included qualification requirements, preparation of horses, veterinary requirements, budget, acceptable team behaviours and an open forum where topics such as team strategies, crewing options and driving in the desert were well debated.

Representatives from each of the three championship teams, owners, grooms and support crew were present as well as the Chef d’Equipe, Assistant Chef d’Equipe, Team Veterinarian and Assistant Team Veterinarian.  One of the hot topics that were discussed was the lack of qualification events on the calendar.  As a result of this discussion there are now an additional two events on the calendar with a possibility of two more events being put together at the moment.

Chris Burke, Managing Director of IRT, provided a very informative presentation on travelling and what is involved in preparing for the trip, what occurs during the flight or flights and the arrival process.  Chris’ presentation included historical photos of how horses travelled in the past when first flying – very different to how they travel today.

Most of the participants met for dinner at the end of the first day and started the process of team bonding.  Lots of great conversations ensued over the meal and it was particularly good to see the members of the youth team getting to know one another.

The next event on the calendar for the teams will be the Endurance Team Camp.  This will be held at OSO Arabians in April.  More information on this event will become available as details are finalised.

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