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Posted by National Admin on 12/09/2018.
Andrew Hoy at Opening Ceremony
Cara Grimshaw

Australian Equestrian Team Ready for Action at FEI World Equestrian Games

The Australian Equestrian Team is all set and ready for action for 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon, USA.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony in the main arena in front of a packed crowd. Andrew Hoy, an icon of Australian Equestrian sport, proudly carried the flag for his nation at what will be his fourth occasion competing at WEG.

The first disciplines that will compete this week are Endurance, Dressage and Reining.

Australia’s Chef De Mission Chris Webb said the entire team is looking forward to getting things underway;

“It’s really exciting we are now on the eve of competition and everyone is really looking forward to the event starting.”

“All our disciplines in week one are ready to go. The horses are presenting as best as they can and our staff and grooms are working together.”

“Australia should be really proud of what they turned out as there have been challenges with weather and other things but the team have prepared really well and we are looking forward to what’s ahead,” said Webb.

Australian Endurance Team Chef d’equipe Andrew Kettlewell said he was very excited to have four starters out of four after the trot-up.

Australian Endurance Team;

Penny Toft & Dream Dancer te

Naomi O’Shaughnessy & Castlebar Party Girl

Samantha Jones & Wallace Hill Sundance

Stella Harbison & Magical Mikada

Kettlewell says he expects the Endurance course to be tough.

“We are nervous about the track but it will be what it is. It’s mainly the hardness and the hills and undulation. They have also reduced the minimum heart rate to 60 and completion time from 20 mins down to 15.”

“It will be a hard day at the office. The minimum speed is also down from 14 to 12 km per hour as they are looking after horse welfare. The Australian horses have very good heart rates so we should be ok.”

The Australian Reining Team is expecting strong performances this week and hoping to repeat its top five finish of the last FEI World Equestrian Games that were held in Normandy.

The team is a real family affair with husband and wife team Robyn and Warwick Schiller plus brother and sister Martin and Shauna Larcombe. Popular horseman Dan James is also on the team with his horse that carries the apt stable name “Vegemite”.

Australian Reining Team;

Warwick Schiller & Plenty Of Guns

Robyn Schiller & Smart Like Steady

Dan James & Don Magnum

Martin Larcombe & Colonels Smart Spook

Shauna Larcombe & Designed With Shine

Robyn Schiller will be the first rider out and is looking forward to the challenge.

“I can’t wait I get to go first for the team it’s awesome and an honour. It’s also great to compete as a family everyone is very supportive,” she said.

Reining Chef D’equipe Rodney Peachey said;

“If we can do a top five like we did last time we will be really happy.”

He said the camaraderie would help take them a long way.

“A lot of us have known each other for 30 plus years because we grew up together showing whether based here or in Australia.”





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