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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 23/12/2012.

Big Tour Entry Level Test to assist in the development of GP horses

A Big Tour Entry Level Test has been developed to assist in the development of Grand Prix horses.

In consultation with dressage riders, trainers and judges, the Australian Dressage Committee (ADC) and Australian Dressage Judges Committee (ADJC) have overseen the development of the Big Tour Entry Level Test.

The test is in response to calls from riders approaching Inter II/Grand Prix to have a competition for horses developing to this level.

The EA Big Tour Entry Level test has the approval of several of Australia’s FEI riders/judges who have been involved in the development of this test over the past 18 months. Special thanks to Mary Seefried.

This test is included in the rule book - Rule 1.12 and 1.14. Performances in this test WILL NOT be an eligible qualification for entry at Inter II/Grand Prix at State and/or National Championships or CDIs.

Organising Committees are encouraged to schedule this competition in their schedules.

“This is very inspiring and is a very helpful test in preparation for the step to Intermediate II and Grand Prix. In my mind, the shoulder in before the steep half pass helps set up the steep half pass that they later have to do in the GP. The piaffe/passage tours are kind and encourage forward thinking. The canter zig zag inspires the horse to balance and wait before the changes. The medium trot up the final centre line encourages forward thinking on the centre line,” says rider, Nicole Tough.

“The test gives horses and riders an opportunity to introduce the movements with a little more time to develop the piaffe and passage. The test looks encouraging allowing the horses to produce the movements (pirouettes and steep trot half passes) on the difficult lines from GP but without having to be as compressed. I look forward to seeing our newer grand prix horses and riders attempting this test,” says A level judge Jane Bruce.

“It will certainly encourage riders to progress through to GP, and the way the piaffe and passage is introduced in this test, including the transitions, encourages good training. It is the piaffe and passage & transitions which are presenting the problems. The more opportunity we give riders to work on these movements the better,” says FEI 4* Judge Virginia Creed.

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