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Posted by Kirsty Pasto on 21/11/2022.
Boyd Exell and his team training at the FEI World Driving Championships Pratoni (ITA)
Photo credit: Libby Law

Boyd Exell Clinic Open to Spectators

Midway through January 2023, FEI Individual World Driving Champion Boyd Exell will conduct a clinic in Victoria's Western District which will be open to spectators.  

Forty-six sessions will be held over the course of the clinic's four days where Boyd will generously share his knowledge with those in attendance. 

Boyd's horsemanship transcends the sport of driving and spectators from all equestrian disciplines are invited to attend.

Date: 14 - 17 January 2023
Location: Greenwood Park (home of the Lawrence Family), 8409 Glenelg Highway, Warrayure, VIC, 3301

To secure your place please fill in the booking form below and return to [email protected]

All enquiries about the clinic should be directed to Elizabeth Lawrence at [email protected]

Booking form: 

Fencesitters - Boyd Exell clinic information and booking sheet January 2023.docx


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