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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 08/07/2015.
Caitlin Radford and Boy

Caitlin Radford's interview before Hartpury CPEDI3*

Caitlin Radford is one of five Australians in Hartpury to compete in the CPEDI3* - an important qualifying event for Australia's Para-Equestrian team on the #RoadtoRio. 

We had the chance to talk to Caitlin before she left for England ....

Caitlin Radford

Caitlin is 16 years old, she will be competing in Grade 4 in Hartpury for the first time. It is her second international competition, after Boneo 3* earlier this year, but it will be her first time competing out of Australia.

Caitlin, how do you feel about this selection ?

I’m very excited and proud to get the opportunity to represent my country.

Can you tell us about you latest good results that got you to be selected in the team ?

My latest results are in the Sydney CDI where I competed on two borrowed horses,  Ma Belle Ami (owned by Antoinette Lorimer) and Absolute Indulgence (owned by Sally McPherson). I got two second places and two thirds.

Tell us about the horse you will be competing with in Hartpury ?

I have no idea for the moment. There are a couple of horses to ride where we are going and we get to pick one. But I know he will have four legs, a mane and a tail!

Is it stressful going to the UK without knowing the horse you will be riding ?

Yes it is a little bit nerve racking but it is not too bad as I have previous experiences on borrowed horse with Interschools.

How did you get prepared in the past weeks ? And what will be the program of the next few days ?

I have really just been trying to ride as much as possible and stay fit. I have had exams at school, as I am in year 11 at school, so it was been hard with a lot to do. I have my horse Boy at home so I am able to ride as much as possible. Once we get to Hartpury, we have a team meeting that night and then the next few days we will be riding the horses and choosing one to compete and then it is just going through and making sure you know all the horse's buttons and how to do all the movements.

What are your expectations in Hartpury ?

The main purpose for me is really to gain as much international experience as I can and hopefully make it into the 3 star. I will be trying to maximize the learning and the experience I get there.

What is your long term goal as a rider ?

My long term goal is to be selected for the Paralympics or WEG, so Rio, if not Rio, then Tokyo and also WEG in Canada in 2018.

Is there a rider you admire ?

I actually have two. The first one would be my coach Susan Elekessy, who is in Camberra and with who I have been riding for two years. She is a Grand Prix rider, she has a lot of experience with the big competitions. She has helped me so much with not only Boy but me as a rider and she keeps me level headed and she is really good for me, just like a best friend. And the second one is Charlotte Dujardin, she is just amazing !

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