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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 23/08/2022.

CEO Update: A Strategy for Equestrian to 2032

I am delighted to share the Nationally Aligned Strategy for Equestrian in Australia on behalf of the Board with our members and community.

With an all-of-sport focus, these strategic foundations will guide our sport from grassroots to podium through to 2032 while the strategic priorities and operating plans will take us through to 2024.

The theme “Driving the sport forward together” is as much about the industry working together towards common goals and reshaping the culture, as it is developing strategic initiatives that deliver sustainable growth for the sport while supporting our members.

The process has been collaborative with consultation across all key industry stakeholders. This has included workshops, surveys, interviews and forums with participants across the industry including 3,000 members who participated in the survey. We are extremely pleased with the outcomes and our states and territories are looking to adopt and adapt this strategy in their respective plans.

Taking an all-of-sport approach enables us to deliver a better and more efficient service for members, advance development plans faster and create a positive impact for members, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers and fans.

Our Purpose:

Our Purpose

I wish to thank the State Branches, Boards, Discipline Committees, staff, plus our members who have helped shape this strategy by participating in workshops, surveys, interviews and meetings. All contributions were invaluable to developing the strategy for the greater good of Equestrian.

This is a key milestone of the “strategy AND structure” journey, and now that the strategy is locked down and agreed; we are working towards identifying and then making the structural recommendations that will allow us to deliver the agreed strategy.

Together we can deliver a thriving, united community, fuelled by our passion for the sport. 

To review the first phase of the strategy, click button below.

Equestrian Strategy 

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