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Posted by National Admin on 29/08/2018.

EA Coaching Update

Dear EA Equestrian Coaches,

Thank you for being part of Equestrian Australia’s Coaching family. We value your participation in our program and want to explain the reasons for recent insurance fee increases.  Also, to tell you about what is planned for the EA Coaching Program over the coming 12 months.

Insurance Price Increases

Equestrian coaching is a high-risk activity that is conducted in an extremely litigious environment and therefore it is important that we have the backing of a first-class insurance program.

This year, the cost of insurance has increased due to:

• Some international underwriters (eg Lloyds syndicates) withdrawing from high-risk, high impact sports following the emergence of concussion related litigation including large class actions.  EA has confirmed this with other underwriters.

• The cost of the Coronial Inquests associated with recent fatalities in Eventing.

• Significant increases in the number and value of insurance claims against Coaches.

EA Coaches’ insurance provides you with personal accident insurance, public liability and professional indemnity cover, whilst you are coaching, for a competitive price of $470.
EA’s insurance, through Gow Gates, is bundled up under a lump sum premium.  There aren’t separate premiums for personal injury, public liability and professional indemnity.  This arrangement has benefitted EA members, coaches and clubs for many years, by spreading the risk over a wider portfolio.  The down side is that all members share the pain when we have an increase in major claims.

EA is aware that there are other insurance brokers in the market, some offering attractive rates to cover equestrian coaches. Insurance through EA with Gow Gates is not mandatory and if you are thinking about sourcing insurance cover with an alternative provider, here are some tips to help you make an informed choice and make sure you know what you are covered for. The EA policy benefits with Gow Gates are outlined HERE

• The amount of automatic cover that you are entitled to without needing to have any medical checks

• The categories of personal accident cover and the amounts (capital amount, income replacement, non-medicare medical benefits)

• The value of professional indemnity & public liability cover and any amount of excess payable before you can claim on the policy

Another thing to consider when choosing an alternative insurance provider is their claims management history – are they easy to do business with when you have a claim and will they pay out what is expected? Also make sure you know who is actually providing the policy and be aware of honeymoon rates as you may get a shock when it’s time to renew your policy.

The service and value provided by Gow Gates over the last five years have been tailored to suit the Equestrian Coaching community based on the claims experience and member feedback and EA believes that the policy offered for your renewal is one of the best in the market in terms of value for the benefits offered.

The Coaching Program

Recent feedback from coaches confirmed that there is deep dissatisfaction with the EA Coaching program.  Staff departures, lack of progress against key deliverables, what the coach registration fee pays for and a general decline in the EA Accredited Coach brand are common themes.

To address these issues, EA will re-focus and:

• Release the 2014 NCAS Coach Education Framework Review 

• Revisit the 2017 Coaching Pathway proposal

• Conduct coach forums to discuss:

• How we can most effectively maintain standards across all states so that we can truly claim that EA Coaching is a National Coaching Scheme?
• Should the scheme have a National Coaching Manager and/or do we provide dedicated resources to a National Coaching Committee?
• Should there be a final assessment before coaches are accredited?
• Should the scheme be managed in each state by the State Coaching Committee?
• Should the administration funding be shared with the state coaching committees.  If so, on what basis?
• How can we use digital resources to benefit coaching on the ground?

In the coming weeks we will share the details about these planned forums.

EA recognises that Equestrian coaches are the lifeblood of our sport, so, we need a coaching program that is practical, contemporary and is valued by coaches and riders alike. 

Standards and progress have slipped and for that we sincerely apologise.  Our challenge now is to re-engage with our coaches and respond to the loud message that EA must repair recent problems and invest in the future.

Equestrian Australia

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