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Posted by National Admin on 16/03/2018.

EA National Discipline Committees Charting the Course for Better Governance

At the most recent EA Board meeting a set of new Charters for all National Discipline Committees (NDC) was ratified. Over the past twelve months EA has been reviewing many of its policies and procedures in an effort to ensure all documentation is current, relevant and provides the best platform to govern equestrian sport in Australia.

Last year the EA National Discipline Committee Appointment and Procedures Policy was introduced, along with an update to the EA National Discipline Committee By-Laws. These changes were met with positive feedback and have seen improved productivity across all NDCs over the past 12 months.

Paula Ward, Equestrian Australia CEO said, “EA have focused strongly on improving our policies and governance structure over the past year and have seen very positive results from the changes implemented so far. The new NDC Charters are the next step towards providing a solid framework for our committees to operate within, and to give the dedicated volunteers who sit on these committees clarity about their role and responsibilities. Equally importantly, the Charters also enable the broader equestrian community to understand the remit for each Committee and what they are and are not able to influence.”

EA will continue to review its policies and procedures in the coming year with a focus on safety, transparency and functionality. The NDC Charters are effective immediately and can be found here.

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