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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 29/06/2020.

EA National Safety Manager Message and Brief Safety Report

24th June 2020

Dear EA Members,

I wish to provide you with a summary on the progress to date within the area of health and safety during these turbulent times. Contrary to what you may have recently read in media or heard, safety has been and remains the number one priority for EA’s National Safety Manager (NSM) and many others.

Safety is one reason why change in the structure, operations and governance of EA is imminent. This message and summary report will provide you with an understanding of what has been happening, what is currently underway and some items that have been completed within the period January-June 2020.

I have been very fortunate in the past six-months to have met, worked and talked with many devoted and passionate people within this sport. This experience to date has been inspiring and I believe my passion for safety is shared by many. Pro-active change is needed now, to effectively meet the needs of our valuable members, coaches, officials, funding bodies and everyone who embraces our equestrian sport.

I encourage all members to embrace this opportunity for change. Let’s all focus on the best our equestrian sport can be. I know this can be achieved by ensuring we provide a healthy and safe future for equestrian sports in Australia, demonstrating leadership in safety matters, effective governance and management worldwide.

You can read the safety report here:

Safety Report - 24 June 2020 

Yours sincerely,

Meredith Chapman

National Safety Manager

Equestrian Australia

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