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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 26/04/2023.

EA Statement

Equestrian Australia advises that it has written to FEI Level 3 Show Jumping Course Designer Dr Michael Haese. 

In that letter, the EA Board has expressed regret as to the manner in which Dr Haese was replaced as Course Designer at the 2021 South Australian State Show jumping Championships.

Dr Haese was replaced as course designer by Equestrian South Australia due to his involvement in a training day the weekend prior to the State Championships.  A subsequent Facebook post made by ESA contained certain imputations which may have brought Dr Haese's character into question.

EA confirms that the training day:

  • was not held at the venue at which the State Championships were to be held;
  • did not use the same equipment which was to be used for the State Championships; and
  • did not involve construction of any course that was to be used at the State Championships.

EA confirms that neither Dr Haese nor the riders involved in the training breached the Code of Conduct or any EA jumping rules.

Equestrian Australia respects and values Dr. Haese's experience, expertise, and integrity as an FEI Level 3 Course designer. 

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