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Posted by National Admin on 11/06/2019.
Rider reps in eventing now have electronic option available for reporting
Stephen Mowbray

Electronic Option Available for Rider Rep Reports

To make reporting easier for rider reps an electronic riders rep option is now available in all states, using a common reporting format.

The latest form can be completed on a rider's smartphone or tablet and once submitted, emailed automatically to the relevant state eventing co-ordinator, for discussion with the state eventing committee and relevant organising committee (OC).

This form has been used in Victoria for 12 months now and was developed by Lynee Brown, the Eventing Coordinator in Equestrian Victoria, based on the FEI Rider Rep form.

More recently, it has been improved by adding the XC information, developed by Matt Bates, from the NSW paper-based Rider Rep report.

It has only recently been trialled in NSW since the additional XC reporting was added, but has been used in Victoria since August 2018. 

Prior to this, Eventing VIC used a Google form developed by Nina Clarke that was also electronically submitted, but did not have the same flexibility to provide a pdf/hard copy of the report.

Lynne Brown shares how they use the electronic report option in VIC, "As the eventing coordinator in VIC, I request the names of the rider reps from each OC just prior to their event. I then forward a standard email to the nominated riders, explaining the role of the rider rep, with a link to the form. It is also available on our eventing VIC webpage."

The latest electronic option has now been made available to all states.

The link can be made available on the State's website and/or forwarded to the reps by the state eventing committee.

To see a demo version of what the electronic report looks like, click HERE.

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