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Posted by Jo Jennings on 26/06/2023.

Endurance Pathways from Novice to FEI & International Competitions

Endurance riding sees horse and rider combinations aim to successfully complete a marked course within a specified time. This challenges the rider over their effective use of pace and thorough knowledge of their horse’s capabilities over varying terrain.

At all times, the welfare of the horse and the skills of horse management are paramount and horses are checked by veterinarians at regular intervals during the ride to ensure they are fit to continue.

Endurance riding is an exciting and challenging equestrian sport that tests the stamina and strength of both the horse and rider. It is a sport that requires dedication, training, and a deep understanding of the welfare and health of the horse and is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors while building a strong bond with your horse. 

To find out more about the sport of Endurance click HERE.

An updated Endurance Pathways document 'Endurance Pathways from Novice to FEI & International Competitions' is now available on our website and can be downloaded HERE.

Watch out for more details coming soon on upcoming FEI Endurance rides.




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