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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 01/11/2021.
Emma Hulse having fun at the 2018 Camden Horse Trials with Don Duveah
Main photo courtesy of Bronwyn Evans

Equestrian Hub Sharing the Love with Nationwide Sponsorship Program

The First Round winners of Equestrian Hub's Delivering Dreams 2021 have just been announced. Eventer Emma Hulse of Greenwich in Sydney, NSW, scooped the $10,000 prize pool, while Darwin’s Nicole Mutimer took home the Readers’ Choice Award - a $1,000 spending spree with Performa Ride.

Both riders are delighted to have been included among the ten finalists, selected from over 700 applications, and even more thrilled to have been awarded the top prizes.

Emma, whom the program’s three independent expert judges selected from over 700 applicants, was absolutely delighted by the news. A passionate equestrian who’s had her fair share of setbacks, she’s determined to progress as far as she can in her sport, and believes the sponsorship will make a world of difference, helping to ease her monthly struggle to make ends meet.

“I’m so excited! The whole package is amazing, and the coaching will be wonderful. It’ll help me compete more safely and successfully, but perhaps more importantly, it will also help me to achieve my ongoing goal of having a harmonious partnership with my horse. I want to be able to provide the best for him, he deserves the world,” she said.

Emma Hulse competing with Don Duveah in the EVA95 at the 2017 Canberra Horse Trials - Image by David L Mackie Photography

Northern Territory-based Nicole was delighted with her award. A successful competitor herself, she owns Darwin Equestrian Academy, holds a Diploma in Equitation Science, and is a passionate advocate for improving horse welfare through ethical horsemanship practices. Also on her agenda is reaching riders who are at the point of giving up, particularly women returning to the sport after having a family.

“I’ve found that it’s a natural transition to be more cautious after having children. These women are not aiming to go to the Olympics, but they do want to improve their horsemanship, safety, and to feel like they are growing as riders,” Nicole said.

Selected as one of 10 finalists from over 700 applicants, Nicole’s award entitles her to a $1,000 spending spree from Performa Ride, which, given she already wears their shirts as a cool solution to the Northern Territory’s often hot and humid conditions, couldn’t be a more appropriate prize.

From small beginnings, Delivering Dreams has grown in leaps and bounds. The initiative is the creation of Fiona Todd, Managing Director of the Equestrian Hub, who had very specific outcomes in mind when she developed the program.

“My long-held dream was to inspire, encourage and assist everyday equestrians who are committed to achieving their best. With the ongoing support of our very generous sponsors, that particular dream has become a reality through the Delivering Dreams program,” she said.

Nicole Mutimer and Clydenvale Jacque at the NT Show Jumping Championships - Image by Elleybellz Photography

The sponsorships, which include equine nutritional supplements, coaching, and apparel, play a significant role in helping to offset the costs associated with a very expensive sport, and is proudly supported by Ariat, the Australian Equine Institute, Barastoc, David Shoobridge, Finch Farm, Kentucky Equine Research, Optus, PETstock, Performa Ride, Sterling Essentials, Trailrace, and Warwick Schiller Professional Horsemanship.

“That we are able to offer support to equestrians through Delivering Dreams brings tears to my eyes. I believe that with dedication and hard work, dreams are achievable. To think that we are in a position, in partnership with our amazing sponsors, to play a part in helping everyday equestrians move closer to achieving their goals is beyond wonderful,” Ms Todd said.

“Even more pleasing is the traction the initiative now has. From small beginnings we’ve grown at an astonishing rate. Already we have the support of some of the most trusted and best-known names in Australia today. And as more sponsors come on board, the more we are able to offer successful applicants. It really is very, very exciting,” she added.

Applications are welcomed from all Equestrian Hub Magazine subscribers who are 12-years-old and over, no matter what their discipline or level of expertise. The Second Round for 2021 closes on 31 December.

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