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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 12/10/2021.

Equine Wellbeing at the Heart of #HealthforHorses Campaign

The FEI and Boehringer Ingelheim, the global leader in equine health, have launched the #HealthforHorses campaign which is aimed at improving the daily care and wellbeing of horses.

The six-week campaign will be promoted on all the FEI’s social and digital channels to its online community of over three million followers. Using the #HealthforHorses hashtag, the campaign will provide a series of practical tips on important topics such as stable management and cleaning, post-exercise cooling, and items to include in a well prepared first aid kit for horses.

#HealthforHorses is the first campaign to be run under the FEI’s new commercial strategy which provides opportunities for select partners to promote their shared values through bespoke digital activations and key advertising placements.

Top equestrian influencers Lucy Robinson (@footluceeventing), Ashley Harrison (@ashleyharrisoneventing) and Lauren Allport (@laurenallport) will work alongside experts in equine health to create dynamic online content for the campaign, and to enhance the knowledge of all those who love horses.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim to deliver the #HealthforHorses campaign, to highlight not just the benefits of horse care for equines but also the therapeutic value that many people gain from daily contact with horses,” FEI Commercial Director Ralph Straus said.

“Equestrian is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle, and it is unique because of the bond that is created between the horse and human. These connections are reinforced through daily horse care practices and there is a growing body of research which shows that positive horse-human relationships can bring intrinsic rewards to both equines and humans. If the pandemic situation has shown the world anything, it is that we need to value our relationships and this also holds true for our relationships with the horse.

“This campaign is about turning the knowledge and expertise that exists within our respective organisations into helpful resources, tips and pointers on horse care for professional, amateur and leisure riders around the world. The content, produced by our equestrian influencers, will speak directly to the younger generation of riders and up-and-coming athletes who will play an important role in keeping our community alive and growing.”

The #HealthforHorses campaign builds on previous equine health and education initiatives between the FEI and Boehringer Ingelheim that were created through the FEI Campus. The FEI Campus is an e-learning gateway which provides courses by equestrian experts on subjects like horse training, stable management, veterinary needs and equine behaviour.

Passionate equestrians from all disciplines and all parts of the world derive endless pride, happiness and fulfilment from time spent with horses,” Boehringer Ingelheim Head of Equine, Global Strategic Marketing Liz Barrett said.

“They know that the responsibility for the health of these amazing animals is in their hands. At Boehringer Ingelheim, we aim to ensure that every horse is able to get the care and attention it truly deserves. We are delighted to start this campaign with the FEI to highlight the benefits that horses give to us every day, and to make certain that they receive our very best care in return.”

Supplied by FEI

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