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Posted by National Admin on 23/05/2021.

Eventing Equestriad Competition CCN2*-S in Camden NSW

Equestrian Australia (EA) has become aware that late this afternoon during the Eventing Equestriad competition CCN2*-S in Camden NSW an incident has occurred.

It is confirmed that the rider Alexander Golowenko is safe. However his horse Cassilis Park Pendragon collapsed on course between fences and has passed away from a cardiovascular episode.

In accordance with EA event SIMP and Critical Incident Management Plan, incident response protocols were followed.

EA would like to commend and thank the Serious Incident Management Team who responded to this incident promptly and who diligently took care of the rider, the horse and all first responders.  

Our sincere condolences to the rider (owner) and all other relevant parties. 

Andrew Hamilton (Acting CEO)

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