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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 08/09/2016.

FEI Code of Conduct

Equestrian Australia (EA) subscribes to the FEI Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse and strongly endorses the notion that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount.

EA wishes to remind all members and those involved in equestrian sport that any attempt to alter the normal sensation of the horse for performance enhancement will not be tolerated.

The FEI Code of Conduct states that procedures which threaten a competing horse’s welfare must not be allowed.

The FEI Code of Conduct may be viewed here:

FEI Code of Conduct

Respect for the horse
The welfare of the horse is at the heart of all our activities. In 1991, the FEI adopted a Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse, which starts as follows: “In all equestrian sports, the welfare of the horse must be considered paramount”. In 2010 the FEI launched the Clean Sport Campaign to reaffirm and strengthen the welfare of the horse in competition and to ensure that entire equine community - athletes, veterinarians, grooms, managers, coaches, owners, and officials - help combat doping and the inappropriate use of medications through better education and increased vigilance. The measures put in place by the FEI Clean Sport Campaign have been widely accepted and successful to date.

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