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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 19/01/2016.

FEI Endurance Novice Qualifications

The FEI has advised that as from the 1st January 2016, it is mandatory to record Novice Qualifications for all Endurance horse and athletes, prior to entering into FEI1* events.

This Novice Qualification eligibility form needs to be filled out for both Athletes and Horses on the FEI online platform prior to the relevant National Federation making the first entry for the Athlete/Horse into a FEI Endurance event.

It will be necessary to enter the four (4) qualifying rides, including the necessary information about these rides, for both Athletes and Horses before they can be entered into a CEI1* Endurance event.

Information required:

  1. Country in which the CEN took place
  2. Location where the CEN took place
  3. Name of the Event
  4. Date that the CEN took place
  5. Total distance of the CEN
  6. Final result : • Final average speed • Final time  • Final Rank/ ranking over the finishing line (for 40km rides)

When 4 rides have been added to the FEI online platform, which meet the qualification criteria laid out in Art 832, the Athlete/Horse will be automatically Novice qualified for the next 24 months.

If the Athlete/Horse does not complete a CEI ride in this time, the CEN results will drop off once the relevant date has passed and you will be required to enter further qualifying results. Please allow a MINIMUM of 14 working days for Novice Qualifications to be processed, full letters of perfomance will incur a longer processing time per horse. Novice Horse Qualification Requests must come through from an FEI affliated National Federation.

1. NOVICE HORSE QUALIFICATIONS Editable Application Form 2024.pdf

1. NOVICE RIDER QUALIFICATIONS Application Form Editable.pdf

Return completed form to Equestrian Australia National Office:

Email:    [email protected]  

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