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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 02/01/2022.

Helmet Tagging for Jumping - Leniency during January and February 2022

As EA roll out mandatory Helmet Tagging for Jumping from 1 January, 2022, due to a number of factors, including many show cancellations in late 2021, the EA Jumping Committee has agreed that there should be some leniency shown during January and February 2022, if athletes present without an appropriately tagged helmet. 

We are hoping that all events will have helmet taggers available on the day, but due to the many varied locations of events, holidays and Covid, there may be instances where athletes cannot immediately have their helmet tagged. Ring marshals should remind athletes to either see the helmet tagger on the day (if available), or alternatively, have the helmet tagged before their next event. However, there will be instances where there is no helmet tagger immediately available. So leniency will be shown during January and February 2022 regarding helmet tagging for Jumping. 

Remember, ensuring that your helmet is compliant and safe is always the responsibility of the athlete and a compliant helmet is mandatory under the EA National Jumping Rules and EA General Regulations. Helmet tagging only indicates that the helmet complies with current EA standards. 

If you have any questions regarding helmet tagging, please contact Jenny Merity at [email protected] 


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