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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 01/03/2023.

Horse Health Welfare - FEI Requirements - Horse Temp Checks

A reminder for members on the FEI Horse Health Requirements to download the FEI HorseApp to record the horse temps leading up to and during competition.

This must be done for each FEI event.

In accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2023 the Horse Health Requirements have been rolled out globally as of 1 January 2022. Derived from the EHV-1 By-Laws, applied in Mainland Europe from 31 May to 31 December 2021, the Horse Health Requirements have been put in place to:

  • protect FEI Horses and global equestrian sports from the consequences of infectious diseases being transmitted before, during and after FEI Events.
  • provide reassurance of the high health of equestrian sport Horses to global, continental and national veterinary authorities and organisations.
  • maintain and further improve the conditions for international movement of sport Horses.

You can find all the Horse Health requirements for Athletes, Grooms and Owners here.

Key Reminders

FEI Horse Health


1. Take two daily temperature readings for every Horse that will be present at an FEI Event for the three days leading up to the arrival at an FEI Event

 Enter the two daily temperature recordings in the FEI HorseApp on a daily basis prior to arriving at an FEI Event.

 Guidelines on how to enter temperatures on the FEI HorseApp can be found here.

 For clarification, the three days prior to your arrival at the Event are calculated as per this example: If you plan to arrive at the Event on the Thursday, you will have to enter the temperatures for the three preceding days, which are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

 2. Fill in the Horse Health FEI Self-Certification Form for all Horses attending an FEI Event

 To be filled in and submitted via the FEI HorseApp the day before or day of arrival at an FEI Event.

 Guidelines on how to fill in the FEI Self-Certification Form can be found here.

3. Taking and entering of two daily temperature readings for each Horse whilst at an FEI Event 

 To be entered in the FEI HorseApp on a daily basis.

 Make sure that temperature recordings are entered twice a day from arrival until departure.

 Guidelines on how to enter temperatures on the FEI HorseApp can be found here.


Extra Information

  • Remember to bring your own thermometer to the Event and make sure it is readily available at arrival as you will have to take the temperature of each horse after unloading them.
  • Make sure to be accompanied by a second person when presenting your horse for temperature taking, in order to have one person handle the horse and the second person to take the rectal temperature. It is not the responsibility of FEI Veterinarians or FEI Officials to handle your horse when the temperature is being taken.  
  • We encourage you to record extra temperatures before an FEI Event in order to ensure that you are able to enter this information on the FEI HorseApp if necessary.

Download the FEI Horse App

The FEI HorseApp contains various modules to manage FEI Horses, including traceability features and monitoring of horse health at FEI Events.

All information regarding the Horse Health Requirements can be found here.

The FEI HorseApp is available for Athletes, National Federations, Veterinarians, Grooms, Owners, Trainers and Organising Committees.

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