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Posted by Sue Birch on 21/09/2021.
Meredith Chapman and Simon Kale

IGEQ Address on Risk Management by Simon Kale and Meredith Chapman

All EA Coaches are invited to attend an IGEQ Address on Risk Management by Simon Kale, EA Delegate to the IGEQ and Meredith Chapman, EA NSM, on Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 at 6pm AEST (10am Central European Time).

The IGEQ (The International Group for Equestrian Qualifications) is a not-for-profit worldwide organisation dedicated to improving education and qualifications for all equestrians to improve the welfare of the horse.

Equestrian Australia holds a current membership of the IGEQ. Membership is voluntary and open to any National Equestrian Federation, Governing Body or other organisation authorised by Government to deliver equestrian qualifications.

Equestrian Australia’s delegate to the IGEQ is Mr Simon Kale, EA L3EV, L3G and Coach Educator.

Simon’s role at the IGEQ includes:

  • Chair Risk Management Committee
  • Member Syllabus Review Committee

Simon will be addressing the IGEQ members, along with Meredith Chapman, EA NSM, in a Risk Management Seminar on Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 at 10am CET (Central European Time) which is 6pm AEST.

It was discussed at the IGEQ seminar in Budapest that Risk Management for coaches needs to be addressed and as Australia is considered a world leader in the field, the Australian Delegate, Simon Kale, was asked to present.

This address is groundbreaking as it is the first time a non-Executive IGEQ member has been invited to present to the group.

Subjects that will be addressed in the presentation include:

  • Risk Management and its Application in the Equestrian field – Simon Kale, EA L3EV, L3G and Coach Educator
  • Summary of the PHD on Risk Management in equestrian coaching on different levels – Jo Winfield, BHS Fellow, BE Coach & BD Judge.
  • How to handle in case of concussion - protocols Australia - Meredith Chapman, EA National Safety Manager

Attending this seminar is free and open to all equestrians by clicking HERE.

The IGEQ hope to see you then!


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