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Posted by National Admin on 15/04/2019.

Interim EA Coaching Committee Underway

The first meeting of the Interim Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee (EACC), held on Friday 15th March in Melbourne, was a very productive one.

As it was a fly in, fly out meeting our time was tight & we had to prioritise the agenda items which all state reps had provided from the respective State Coaching Committees.

We now have some clarity around when the EACC will be in office. The Board has nominated a date, of the 1/7/2019, as the date from which the committee, appointed under the newly approved EACC Charter and Appointment & Procedures Policy, will take office.

We have also been advised a staff member will be employed to service EA coaching matters and plan to have this person in place by the 1/7/2019 too.

Three of the major outcomes presented by the states to the National Coaching Forum are in the process of delivery.

Similarly, a representative of the EACC has been appointed by Lucy Warhurst, CEO of EA, to the Insurance Working Group to assist the group to provide flexible cover, of good value, to the coaching community. I am that representative.

The EACC is working with EA to host several National CE & SSTA update clinics as well as Coaching update clinics prior to June 30th 2019.

The EACC has also been able to reconnect EA with the ANTA framework & the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). By working with SKILLS IQ to submit a proposal for consideration this will once again see EA Coaching Courses aligned with the ANTA framework. Hopefully, in the very near future, we will be able to provide accreditation from EA, a qualification for the AQF and provide access to government funding for candidates who chose Coaching as a career pathway. This was a recommendation from the substantial body of work, the 2014 EA NCAS Coaching Review, prepared and submitted to EA in 2014. 

The committee has also been able to deliver a detailed drill down on the question that many coaches have raised over the years, one which pertains to the distribution of the Coach registration fees paid by coaches to EA. Lucy Warhurst provided the EACC with direct access to the EA Finance Manager Sashi Lata, to answer any and all questions with detailed and quantified responses. We intend to distribute these finding by social media over the coming weeks.

We may not be happy with how it has been managed historically, but we now have total transparency and the EACC has been invited to contribute in the preparation of the EA Coaching Budget going forward. 

With regard to the Syllabus Working groups that were established in 2016, our committee will be reconnecting with those coaches who have volunteered their time and expertise to contribute to the development of the EA Coaching Scheme, to re-energise the groups to completion. We will be in communication with those interested to continue working on their projects and to deliver an updated delivery model, syllabus and content in 2020.

At the suggestion of Lucy, our committee has prepared a paper for consideration by the EA Board, to promote and mandate the use of EA Coaches in all squad training that is delivered in Australia, which is a reinstatement of the status of the scheme and recognition and support of coaches and coaching by EA.

So in reality, we have been extraordinarily busy and committed to delivering the outcomes that were requested of the Interim Committee. We would really value the positive support and encouragement of the coaching community, as we go about the work of restoring the Coaching scheme to an efficient and quality training platform, with qualifications and accreditations that are highly respected and regarded by the industry.

None of this could have happened without the unwavering support from our EA CEO Lucy Warhurst, and our State Committees and CEOs, who have been committed to the revitalisation of the coaching scheme. We are excited at the opportunities available for our product and services in our Asia Pacific neighbourhood and keen to continue to grow and develop our model and coaches.

Robert Stewart


Interim EACC

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