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Posted by National Admin on 13/02/2018.
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International Horse Owners Welcome in Australia

Internationally owned horses will now be eligible to participate in Equestrian events in Australia.

Under a new Bylaw introduced on January 1, 2018, Equestrian Australia may now grant an International Horse Owner License to an International Owner so that they may enter their horse in EA sanctioned events. (An International Owner is recognised as someone whose primary residence is outside Australia and an International Horse is a horse partly or wholly owned by and International owner.)

This new initiative will open the way for more owners to participate in Australian Equestrian sport and potentially help to build the pool of horses competing across the country, especially at elite level.

Equestrian Australia CEO Paula Ward said;

“This is a positive initiative for our domestic riders as it will help create more opportunities for them to secure quality horses for competition. In turn, this may further bolster the development of our equine prospects for high level competition including the Olympics, Paralympics and World Equestrian Games,” said Ward.

“Owners play a huge part in our sport and strategically we are focussed on supporting them as much as possible to encourage their continued investment and participation.”

For more information on the International Horse Owner Licence Bylaw please go to

To download the International Horse Owner Licence Application form, click HERE.

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