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Posted by National Admin on 17/01/2019.
Guillaume Béguin

Live Score Dressage - the Follow-On from ScoreBoard

Part two of a two-part series

Previously we talked about ScoreBoard, a faster, more modern and effective competition scoring system, that makes it easier and more efficient for event organisers and faster for riders and spectators to see results. It's the first part in this series - CLICK HERE to read about ScoreBoard

Part 2 - Live Score Dressage System

But wait there's more. A second system - called the 'LiveScore dressage system' has recently been released. It uses a world-first technology, developed by Nominate.

Being the next step up from standard ScoreBoard, which is the backbone of this system, the LiveScore dressage system completely removes the need for paper as part of the dressage scoring process.

It engages spectators by showing trending percentages on a movement by movement basis, pushed out to spectators phones.  It is fast - riders get a digital copy of their test as soon as the judge signs it. 

This video is a must-watch to really get the idea of this new, second system: LiveScore Dressage System Video 

Live Score Dressage System Key Points:

  • Replaces paper dressage tests
  • Works on online, or in offline mode, (but if it is being used in offline mode, it requires an internet connection at the start of the event to download the horse and rider information, and then at the end of the day to upload the scores).
  • Event organisers that use Nominate to process their entries get the use of the LiveScore dressage system for free. 
  • Events that don’t use Nominate for their entries can still use the LiveScore dressage system for a small fee ($1 per horse, per event).

NOTE: You can use ScoreBoard (as mentioned in our previous article) with or without the LiveScore dressage system, at no cost.

What to do next

All of the 2019 dressage tests have been loaded in to LiveScore dressage (and ScoreBoard) and are ready to go.

Interested in stepping it up and opting for even faster, more efficient and interactive paperless dressage scoring for your next event? Check out the Live Score dressage system. It's the latest technology in the world of its kind, available right here in Australia.

LiveScore Dressage System Guide Booklet

LiveScore Dressage System Video

If your organisation is interested in using Live Score Dressage contact Natasha Bilac at for more info [email protected]

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