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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 23/07/2020.
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Living with COVID-19 in Equestrian Sport

Upon reflection on the past few months, we are now slowly learning to adjust and live with COVID-19, being reminded daily of the significant effects it has on our equestrian lifestyles, interactions, competition and future opportunities within this sport.

First and foremost, we must stay vigilant as a sport to maintain the Health and Safety of each other as our main priority. This is particularly important during the coming months, as it appears we may have some frustration with sporting ‘starts and stops’ as we learn to accommodate outbreaks of COVID-19.   

What I have seen so far, for those clubs and groups who have been able to run some events and or participate in training-education activities, is the positive attitude and uptake of preparation of COVID-19 Health & Safety Plans. May I say, ‘Well Done’ one and all.

The two COVID-19 specific documents developed by EA are available for you to use as a resource and reference about how to plan and prepare for your equestrian activities in a COVID-19 environment. These include:

1) Virtual Equestrian Training Activities Guidelines and

2) Resuming Equestrian Training & Competition

I encourage you all to read and use these documents as references, to assist YOU in creating and developing the systems YOU need to continue to participate in this sport.

A reminder, make sure you review your individual State Health Regulations as you plan your event and again during the development of your COVID-19 Safety Plan.

(Please note: State regulatory website links are included on page 13 of the EA-HSMS-GL-02 Guideline Resuming Equestrian Training and Competition Activities in a COVID-19 Environment)

In addition, if you would like me to review and provide you with feedback, or if you are willing to share your plans with other members of EA, please send a copy of your draft or final COVID-19 Safety plans. These can be emailed to [email protected].

Also, I strongly recommend at the conclusion of any event or training activity you review (have a debrief), consider:

  • How well did we do what we planned?
  • Could we do better?
  • Is there anything we need to change?

Make sure you document this discussion or meeting and keep the records for future reference.

Finally, if you have any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, in addition to following the mandatory State Health reporting requirements, we need to know immediately.

Contact me via [email protected]  (as per EA-HSMS-GL-02 Guideline Resuming Equestrian Training and Competition Activities in a COVID-19 Environment Page 12, Section

Stay Vigilant-Stay Safe.

Meredith Chapman

EA National Safety Manager

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