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Posted by National Admin on 07/11/2018.

Making Eventing Safer - ERQI now visible to owners online

Equestrian Australia has been progressively working with the equestrian data analysis company EquiRatings to introduce their risk management tool, the ERQI, for our members.

The EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI) is designed to provide an objective assessment of a horse’s risk of poor performance at the various levels of competition. The rating is based on a horse’s past cross country performances and is designed to help bring another level of information to competitors to assist in managing risk in the cross country phase.

In any industry, risk management never sits in one single area. It is usually a matter of managing several different aspects gradually in order to make a larger overall gain. To use road safety as a comparison, factors such as speed, weather conditions and road surfaces all play their part, but the realisation that not every driver carries the same level of risk brought a new dimension to risk management.

The ERQI works on a similar basis and is just one of a number of safety initiatives implemented by EA with the generous support of the Terry Snow “Making Eventing Safer” fund.

About the ERQI

The ERQI system brings to Eventing the ability to measure individual relative risk and is designed to assist riders and owners in making more informed decisions about risk management.

These relative risk ratings are now available to horse owners to view via the MyEA Portal and are presented as colour coded visual indicators for each level of competition.

Examples for two different horses:

The ERQI is a number between 0 and 1 and is a statistical indicator of risk in the cross-country phase, based on the previous results of that horse.

EA is currently offering ERQI solely as an advisory tool. Equestrian Australia has no requirement for a horse to have a green ERQI to enter an event at the level in question nor is it suggesting that a green ERQI is a guarantee of a successful completion. The ERQI should be treated as a guideline and EA strongly recommends that riders use ERQI and all the other tools at their disposal to make safe and informed decisions about the competition plans for their horses

Before running a horse, we can be confident that the horse is ready, think that the horse is ready, or hope that the horse is ready. In all cases, success and failure are both possible, but the probabilities are different.

To access ERQI for your horse, log into MyEA, click on Horse Details, Licences, ERQI Ratings

ERQI FAQs available on the Making Eventing Safer Page HERE

Other questions email [email protected]

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