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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 25/06/2013.

Mark Arthur appointed to EA Board

Equestrian Australia today announced the casual vacancy on the national board has been filled by Mark Arthur of New South Wales.

Mr Arthur’s professional background is in accounting, where he has been a chartered accountant for 18 years and has worked as an advisor to numerous equestrian athletes and horse breeding studs. He is also an experienced company auditor largely servicing the not-for profit sector. He is a current and past board member of not for profit organisations in the arts and education sectors.

Mr Arthur is an active dressage competitor and has been involved in equestrian sport for a number of years in show horse and dressage events both here in Australia and overseas.

Mr Arthur said he was pleased to have the opportunity to play a part in the strategic development of equestrian sport in Australia.

“It cannot be understated that the role of any Board of Directors, and the individuals who comprise it, is to provide governance and strategic thinking for the organisation over which they preside.  I hope that the skill set I bring to the Board will help with these responsibilities that rest upon the current Board.

“I’m passionate about the sport and I wanted to offer my experience as an accountant and business advisor.”

Mr Arthur’s term on the board will conclude in October 2014.