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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 19/02/2024.

Media Release

Equestrian Australia has today concluded its review following public concerns being raised regarding three-time Olympian Shane Rose.

As is standard practice for Equestrian Australia, Mr Rose was stood down from competition while the review took place.

The Equestrian Australia Review Panel met on Monday and found that Mr Rose did not breach the code of conduct at Wallaby Hill on 11 February.

The Panel took into account the community event that Mr Rose was competing at, and that Mr Rose had already made a public apology. 

The following recommendations were handed down:

  • For Equestrian Australia to work with clubs and stakeholders to assess minimum dress standards for future events.
  • For Equestrian Australia to review the education modules for the High Performance program to ensure they’re fit for purpose.

Equestrian Australian CEO Darren Gocher said:

“Equestrian Australia has an obligation to look into any concerns of this nature that comes from the community,” Mr Gocher said.

“Having now thoroughly reviewed the incident and spoken to relevant parties, Equestrian Australia has confirmed that there was no breach of the code of conduct by Shane Rose.

“We take the recommendations on board and will move quickly to ensure the relevant actions are taken.

“Our sport is made up of wonderful individuals and we have plenty to look forward to in the year ahead.

“Shane has reflected on the incident, has apologised and understands the high standards expected of everyone involved in our High Performance program.

“With the matter now resolved, Shane and his teammates are now looking forward to continuing to focus their attention on qualifying for Paris.”

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