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Posted by National Admin on 13/06/2018.

Member Communication

Equestrian Australia (EA) wishes to acknowledge the recent Joint Statement released from the following State Branches of EA; Equestrian Victoria, Equestrian Queensland, Equestrian South Australia, Equestrian Western Australia, Equestrian Tasmania and Equestrian Northern Territory.

EA shares the States’ views regarding the need for our sport to be run for the benefit of both our stakeholders and members. We must find a way in which we can both co-operate and prosper so that the sport serves all parties.

While there are elements in the statement that do not portray the full story, we can assure our community that we will be addressing each of these concerns with the State branches, with the utmost importance.

In agreeing with the Australian Sports Commission, EA does not believe that changing the Constitution to allow State based directors to sit on the EA Board is the most logical step to progress the sport, but we are open to implementing best practice models.

The success, sustainability and growth of Equestrian Sport across Australia is of paramount importance and, as the National Governing body, we will do what needs to be done to achieve this. Communication will continue with the State branches until we come to an acceptable and improved model for the sport. 

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