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Posted by National Admin on 10/06/2020.

Message to Members

Dear members of Equestrian Australia

As you may be aware the Board of Equestrian Australia has taken the difficult decision to place Equestrian Australia Ltd into voluntary administration.

Craig Shepard and Kate Conneely of KordaMentha have been appointed Voluntary Administrators.

A copy of the Board statement is available at:

No doubt you will have many questions about what this means for you as a member, for clubs, event organisers and competitions.

We want to assure you that EA is not insolvent, nor is the company being wound up.

The purpose of entering Voluntary Administration is to avoid insolvency, which would be disastrous, and to create the conditions for a successful and sustainable equestrian community into the future. 

We also want to assure you that EA’s current insurance policies will continue and are unaffected by the Administration. The Administrators will conduct a review of all policies to ensure the continuation of adequate insurance for all members, volunteers, clubs and coaches.

The Administration has no effect on competition rules or the services provided by state offices.

As a creditor of EA you are invited to access the KordaMentha creditors website which includes a full range of answers to frequently asked questions at:

Note: when you go to the Korda Mentha website, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to access the documents. There will be various documents continuing to be updated and uploaded to this page.

What will change as a result of the Administration is that all members of EA will be given an opportunity to contribute your ideas about the changes that need to happen to ensure EA is a viable, representative, democratic and stable national sporting organisation.

To ensure you can express your views and keep up to date with developments, we will be creating a Member Portal which contains answers to frequently asked questions and an avenue for you to contribute your views about what a sustainable, safe and successful EA looks like going forward.

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