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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 25/02/2013.

National Jumping Squads announced

Tom McDermott and CP Romantic Dream at the 2012 Australian Show Jumping Championships 
Photograph:Julie Wilson

Equestrian Australia is pleased to announce the National Jumping Squads for 2013.

Included on the ‘Normandy 2014’ and ‘Rio 2016’ squads are those horse and rider combinations which have been identified as having the talent to represent Australia at the 2014 World Championships, and potential to develop for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The National Selection Panel has nominated 9 combinations from the 2012 Futures Squad, who have demonstrated the ability to continue their pathway, to be part of the Rio 2016 Squad.

The Futures Squad is made up of horses aged between 5 and 7 year old and assessed as having the potential to be further developed and supported by the High Performance Program.

Horse and rider combinations listed on the 2013 Futures Squad were selected from the recent round of Talent Identification Days and or have shown potential to be future members of the ‘Rio 2016’ squads. Members of the 2013 Futures Squad which were not able present to a Talent Identification Day will be re-assessed when the Futures Squad holds its first clinic for 2013. 

Congratulations to the following rider and horse combinations included as part of the 2013 National Jumping Squads.

Normandy 2014 Jumping Squad

Horse Name 
 Horse Owner
Edwina Alexander
Cevo Itot du Chateau
E Alexander & Stal Tops
Edwina Alexander Guccio J.A.P. Tops & Edwina Alexander & Guccio Gucci S.P.A
Edwina Alexander Ego van Orti Tops Horse Trading BV & Edwina Alexander
Evie Buller Yalambi Landor Evie Buller
Tim Clarke Caltango Tim Clarke
Amy Graham Bella Baloubet Mark & Caroline Graham
Julia Hargreaves Vedor J Hargreaves, A&L Hargreaves & K.Harvey
Rory Hovell Val D’Isere Hovell Rory
Jamie Kermond Colthaga Jacqueline Cox
Tom McDermott Romantic Dream Van Zyl Tripp Pty Ltd
James Paterson-Robinson Lanosso Ger Poels Horses
Alison Rowland Bickley Brook Bella Peter Cooke, Alison Rowland & Nicol Taylor
Sharon Slater Ulixes Sharon Slater


Rio 2016 Jumping Squad

Horse Name
Horse Owner
Harley Brown Cash Harley Brown
David Cameron Bellarose R Martin Linda
Lane Clarke Kiss the Sky Horsemanship Unlimited
Jamie Coman Nic of Time Sue Coman
Shane Davidson Fairbanks Lulu Shane Davidson
Stephen Dingwall Cavalier Bryn Stephen Dingwall
Brook Dobbin Silvo Angela Cooney
David Dobson AS Akon Tim Clark
David Dobson Oaks Zena Rebecca Tucker
Thaisa Erwin Matilda Thaisa Erwin
David Goodwin Warrego Jericho David Goodwin
Paula Hamood Airtime Paula Hamood
Olivia Hamood Eternal Flame Paula Hamood
Russell Johnstone Centurion Borealis Meldarra Pty Ltd
Scott Keach Coco Anne Quanbeck
Jamie Kermond Caracas Russell Desmond
Jamie Kermond Valhalla Russell Desmond
Jamie Kermond Laughton's Legacy Winning Kerrie
Andrew Lamb C.P. Argento Lamb Allyson Grace
Amanda Madigan Diamond B Valancia Diamond B Farm Pty Ltd
Jack Maunder Cyra Maunder John
Robert Moffat Finch Farm Viduka Moffatt Robert
James Passy Yirrkala Cortina  Yirrkala Stud Pty Ltd
James Passy Yirrkala Elliot Yirrkala Stud PTY LTD
James Paterson-Robinson Athene Ger Poels Horses
Clem Smith Florina Lisa Lucas & Clem Smith
Jamie Winning Yandoo Zenzel HBC Kerrie Winning


2013 Futures Squad

State Name Horse Names Horse Owners
NSW Alex Rooney Equus Costa Brava Rod Brown
NSW Alyssa Mathers Moon Pint Alyssa Mathers
NSW Amanda Madigan Vouloir Sue Middleton
NSW Amanda Madigan Diamond B Conseal Diamond B Farm
NSW Chris Chugg Diamond B Vegas Diamond B Farm
NSW Chris Chugg Baluga Helen Chugg
NSW Clint Beresford SI Donato Clint Beresford
NSW Emily Longhurst Rhapsody in Blue Sarah Price
NSW Hilary Scott Oaks Sharks Hilary Scott
NSW Hilary Scott Oaks Paris Texas Oaks Sport Horses
NSW James Mooney JB Evolution James Mooney
NSW Jamie Winning Talora Balouch Jamie Winning
NSW Jess Stalling JS Vitina Z Jess Stalling
NSW Jessica Brown Equus Echo Rod Brown 
NSW Jessica Brown Equus Lace Rod Brown
NSW Kay Grace Celerity Park Faberge Grace Kay
NSW Nichloas Sheehan WP Cotez Nicholas Sheehan
NSW Nikki Dingwall Copabella Vienna Nikki Dingwell
NSW Rhys Stones Oaks Altador Rhys Stones
NSW Rod McQueen ASB Vienna Rod McQueen
NSW Stephen Dingwall Cavalier Ludo Crouse Stephen & Nikki Dingwell
NSW Todd Hinde Oaks Vendetta Todd Hinde
NSW Tom McDermott Fernhill Quintago 1 Fernhill Tripp
NSW Tom McDermott Laguna Beach Tom McDermot
QLD Carly Overton Celerity Park Origo Samuel Overton
QLD David Finch Charlemagne Ego Z David Finch
QLD David Finch Style David Finch
QLD David Finch Cairo David Finch
QLD Kirstie Ansell Cecil Kirstie Ansell
QLD Melinda Rechichi La Vista Melinda Rechici
SA Clive Reed Brandenburg Clive Reed
SA Jono Farrington Bellhaven Carouse Jonathon Farrington
SA Robert Atkinson Romley Leonardo Robert Atkinson
SA Wendy Schaeffer Majestic Sun Wendy Schaeffer
SA Wendy Schaeffer Smokin' Sun Wendy, Robert & Diana Schaeffer
TAS Josh Dales Jellystone Park Chivas Nicole Brown
TAS Shannon Yost Knight Flyte To Venus Shannon Yost
VIC Ally Lamb Denison Park Converse Ally Lamb
VIC Jamie Comam Rose Cavilier Brian & Sean Cooper
VIC Murray Sproull Hollingrove Eve Murray Sporoull
VIC Paul Brent Cavallii Park Annibell Neil Clinton and Paul Brent
VIC Phil Stephens Galvinised Phillip Stephens
VIC Russell Hearn Conmirro Russell & Bernadette Hearn
WA Bridget Kelly Conquista Bridget Kelly
WA Caitlin Bolger Oaks Dreamtime Glen Bolger
WA Chadd Donovan Chicago Chadd and Rebecca Donovan
WA Darren Taylor Barrabadeen Wynchester Darren Taylor & Bridget Kelly
WA Leon Carroll DE Lisch Chaise & Lance Ludgate
WA Nadia Gronow Barrabadeen Wrangler Nadia Gronow
WA Neil Ozanne Sarnia Caesarno Neil Ozanne
WA Rebecca Donovan Oaks Vivette Rebecca Donovan
WA Rick Dabner King Cobra Rick Dabner
WA Rory Hovell Yalambi's Carpino Z Rory Hovell
WA Stephanie Tucker Oaks Redwood Rebecca and Stephanie Tucker

 The national elite and A squads for dressage will be announced once selector positions for dressage and the national performance director position for dressage have been filled. Please stay tuned to the EA website for further updates.

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