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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 16/05/2022.

National Volunteer Week - Better Together

This week we celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful contribution and support provided by our volunteers as part of National Volunteer Week.

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2022 is Better Together.

Volunteering brings people together; it builds communities and creates a better society for everyone.

Amazingly, almost 50% of Australia’s volunteers choose to volunteer in sport. Through NVW, we’re excited to celebrate the 2.9 million sport volunteers, share some wonderful stories and encourage more people to volunteer in sport across Australia. This includes the incredible and dedicated volunteers for equestrian, for whom we are eternally grateful.

Volunteering is essential to the delivery of equestrian sports across Australia, and look forward to this significant week to encourage more people to lend some time to their local clubs or event.

This week we celebrate our incredible volunteers and thank you for all that you do.

Volunteering in sport is incredibly positive, enjoyable and rewarding. There are so many benefits; you can feel good, make new friends, learn new skills all whilst having fun.
Sport volunteering is for everyone, plus you can volunteer for something that suits your individual needs, interests and availability.

Sara-Jane Seery

Sara-Jane Seery (QLD) is one of our sports amazing volunteers. Her contributions reflect her dedication to equestrian sports across multiple pathways in officiating, judging, mentoring and international volunteering.

Sara-Jane was recognised and awarded the 2021 Equestrian Queensland Toft Endurance Volunteer of the Year Award.

In 2020-2021, Sara-Jane excelled in an official capacity as a G-level dressage judge, positively encouraging riders of all ages in their training and competition.

Also, as one of only a handful of stewards under 30 years old, Sara-Jane is dedicated to deepening her knowledge, understanding and her responsibility in safeguarding the integrity of the sport and upholding horse welfare.

In 2021, Sara-Jane took on a mentorship role as a member of the EQ NextGen advisory group, which serves as a voice for young riders in the community. She is motivated to improve the accessibility and continued participation of the younger generations.  

However, her most notable achievement to date would be her selection to Volunteer in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as Overall Technical Officials (TO) Coordinator in Equestrian, and as an NPC Assistant with Paralympics Australia at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

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