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Posted by Stefanie Maraun on 10/06/2022.

New State and National Level Tests for Para-Equestrian

Equestrian Australia is currently developing a plan to ensure there is a clear pathway for Para Equestrian from the first interaction with riding all the way through to High Performance in Australia. A critical element of this plan is engaging with members and others in the equine industry to gain insights and input from people at all levels of the sport.


A gap that has been identified is the lack of appropriate national-level tests for para riders, below the FEI tests.


EA and a team of Para Equestrian riders and judges have drafted a set of national-level tests which are being piloted in 2022 to get further feedback from riders, coaches and judges. This is with a view to having a set of approved EA para tests that can be rolled out at state and national level by the end of this year.


The first trial of the draft EA tests was at Boneo Park last April. The next trial will be at Boneo Park on the 13th-14th of August 2022. Details will be posted shortly, and we encourage all para riders who can make it to Boneo to compete and provide feedback.


This year’s National Dressage Championships in Victoria in October will include the current Para Equestrian FEI tests. Once the EA Para Tests have been approved, future national and state competitions will include EA tests for all eligible dressage riders.


This is an important step in the further development of the Para Equestrian Sport in Australia.

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