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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 06/03/2024.

Oceania24 Senior Team Update

Equestrian Australia (EA) wishes to advise members that Henrik APH owned by Carlene Barton and ridden by Olivia Barton selected as a member of the Oceania24 Senior Team, has sustained a minor injury which will require a small period of rest and recovery.  As at all times the welfare of the Horse is paramount, the decision in consultation with the rider and owner and Team Vet Nathan Anthony to withdraw Henrik APH from the competition has been made.

Due to this decision, Sophia Hill and her own horse, Humble Glory, who were selected as travelling reserves, will now compete as a member of the Senior Team. We congratulate Sophia on her inclusion to the team and wish her the best for the competition ahead.

Olivia Barton will still compete at the event as an individual rider representing Australia on her second horse Hollyander HG, owned by Robert Weight, alongside Shane Rose riding Virgil owned by Shane and wife Niki and Michelle Hasibar, and Andrew Cooper riding Sharvalley Thunder owned by Andrew, Gary, Kerrie and Madeleine Cooper round out EA’s three individual riders.

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