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Posted by Kirsty Pasto on 06/12/2022.
Equestrian sport will be held at Chateau de Versailles for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Photo credit: Paris 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Ticket Process Commences

Australian sports fans now have their first opportunity to access tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, by registering for a ticket draw.

The Paris 2024 Games ticket program is different to previous Games with the Paris Organising Committee selling directly to the public across the world on a centralised platform.

Paris 2024 will manage the whole process from registration to the delivery of tickets.

The first phase of the Paris 2024 ticketing programme is now underway, giving fans the opportunity to register their interest ahead of two ticket draws that will take place next year. Only fans who are registered are eligible for next year’s draws.

From now until January 31st 2023, fans have a window to register by opening an account with Paris 2024 on the official ticketing website -

On 15 February 2023, Australian fans with a Paris 2024 account will learn via an email if they have been successful in the draw.

If successful, they can then select and pay for the events they would like to attend. The email will allocate a specific 48-hour purchase slot in the period between 15 February and 15 March 2023.  

The February draw will be for the sale of tailor-made packs, known as “Make Your Games” packs, while a second draw in May will be for the sale of individual tickets.

There will be a maximum of 30 tickets per customer using the “Make Your Games” packs. High demand events are expected to be fully subscribed very quickly.

AOC Chief Executive Officer Matt Carroll says with just over 18 months until the Games, Australians who want to attend the Games should start their ticket process from today.

“My advice is to hit the ground running. From today you can open an account and start thinking about the events you want to attend. All the information, including prices, will be on the Paris website. 

“Then you are set for the global draw process next year. If you are successful in the draw, you will be informed by email and provided a window to go ahead and select your “Make Your Games” packs and pay for them in your specific 48-hour window. 

“Because of the pandemic, it was disappointing that fans couldn’t travel to Tokyo to support the athletes and enjoy the Olympic experience. Paris will be different and something quite special for the athletes and Australians fans looking for that unique experience.

“In Paris and elsewhere in France, iconic venues will be hosting the world’s greatest athletes. Our beach volleyballers will be competing under the Eiffel Tower, equestrian events at Versailles, sailing at Marseille on the Mediterranean, not to mention an Opening Ceremony with athletes travelling by barge down the River Seine. 

“Paris 2024 will be unique, and tickets highly sought after. Most importantly, our athletes will thrive on the support coming from Australians in the stands at all the events.

“Right now, the important thing is to register from today with that registration window closing on January 31, 2023,” Mr Carroll concluded. 

Key Dates Ticket Ballot Applications

  • 1 Dec 2022 – 31 Jan 2023: Register for the draw and consider your “Make Your Games” preferences 
  • 15 February 2023: Receive an email about draw result and if successful, allocated purchase timeslot
  • 15 February -15 March 2023: Purchase tickets in tailor-made packs in your specific allocated 48-hour window
  • May 2023: Second draw process begins for the sale of individual tickets 

Key Points:

  • Buyers must register and create their account from 1 December until 31 January to be eligible for the draw.
  • Only those 16 years and over can register for the draw.
  • Those successful will receive an email, allocating a specific 48 hour timeslot to make ticket selections and payment.
  • The Paris 2024 Organising Committee is the only source of tickets to the general public. Sports fans should not engage with non-official sources purporting to offer tickets or posing as appointed agents. 
  • Tickets for all sessions will be available to all territories, not just to countries whose athletes are involved.
  • If successful in the draw, fans who have already registered for Club Paris 2024 will receive preferential treatment. Club Paris 2024 members will have exclusive access to the first four days of ticket sales. 

Club Paris memberships are still available at

Opening and Closing Ceremonies tickets will go on sale in May. Surfing tickets will also go on sale at a later date, while team sport tickets will go on sale after the draws for those sports have been announced. 

Tickets for the Paralympic Games will go on sale in the second half of 2023.




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